Art.1 – LIVORNOCLASSICA music association, under the patronage of Municipality of Livorno and in cooperation with Fondazione Teatro Goldoni and Centro Pianoforti Menicagli, announces the first edition of Livorno Piano Competition, opened to pianists under 36 years old.

During the same period will also be held the first edition of Young pianists prize “livornoclassica” , in which contestants will perform within age categories.

The Competition will take place in Livorno from January 16 to 20, 2017 and will be held in Goldonetta hall, Fondazione Teatro Goldoni. Auditions will start with “Young pianists prize” , then Livorno Piano Competition will follow starting from January, 18th.

The competition is opened to all italian and foreign citizens

Art 2 – Registration for the competition implies unconditional compliance with this Regulation . The candidate , with the inscription , authorizes the Association LIVORNO CLASSICA- pursuant to art . 97 of the Law on copyright – to make audio – video recordings related to their performance and spread it on any platform or association linked to it ( YouTube channel) and to publish photos in promotional material of the Association or exhibit them at future events . In relation to this , candidates cannot advance any right or financial request towards Livorno Classic .

According to art.10 of law No . 675/96 on ” Protection of personal data ” we inform that the data provided at registration will be used only to send communications related to the Contest excluding any other use .

The organization accepts no liability in respect of any injury to persons and / or property of any nature during the course of the entire competition.

All performances are public

Art. 3 – Livorno Classica reserves the right to make changes or additions to this rulement and eventually to cancel one or more categories if the number of contestants will be considered not sufficient . Only in that case the registration fee will be refunded .

Art.4 – Competitors must be present at the time scheduled under penalty of exclusion from the competition .

Each contestant will have the opportunity to rehearse on the piano provided for the competiton . LivornoClassica will provide rooms with pianos ( also digital ) to practice during the competition; the use will be regulated and announced well in advance .

Art. 5 – It is allowed registration to both the Livorno Piano Competition and the Young pianists prize “Livornoclassica”. 

Art.6 – Travel and accommodation expenses are borne by the competitors .Facilities and agreements with hotels and restaurants will be provided and will be available in the INFO section of this website.

 Contestants of Livorno Piano Competition are given the  opportunity of a free of charge hosting in family,  specifying this in the mail of inscription. Due to the limited amount of places, the order of registration will rule.

Art.7 – The jury will be composed of eminent musicians whose names will be announced as soon as possible . If a juror proves to have a family relationship or have had continuous teaching relationships in the three years prior to the competition with one or more candidates he will not take part to the discussion and vote for the competitor/s . Before the beginning of the competition each jury member must sign a statement on his personal situation with competitors .

Art.8 – Prizewinners of Livorno Piano Competition  are required to perform in a public concert to be held at the end of the awards ceremony (January, 20th), on pain of loss of the prize. Also first absolute prizes in Young pianist prize “Livornoclassica” will be given the possibility to perform in the concert ( no loss of prize in they will not perform).  The program will be decided by the jury. Results of “Young Pianists Prize Livornoclassica”, with prizes and diplomas, will be given at the end of auditions, before the beginning of Livorno Piano Competition.

Art. 9 – Competitors will be heard in alphabetical order starting from the letter drawn on the first day of the competition and valid for all categories of the Young pianists prize “Livornoclassica ” and for Livorno Piano Competition.  The detailed timetable will be drawn up immediately after the extraction of the letter.

Art.10 The jury’s decision is irrevocable. The jury reserves the right to stop the performance or choose to listen to a part of it in case the time limit be exceeded.


Art.11 Italian and foreign pianists under 36 years old are admitted to the Competition.  Auditions will begin immediately after the scheduled call. They will be heard in alphabetical order starting from the letter drawn at the beginning of the Young pianists prize “Livornoclassica” ( see Art . 9 )

Art. 12 Program. The competition consists of a preliminary round and a final test . Performance from memory is required, except for the repertoire written after 1950 . All performed pieces must be edited.

a) Preliminary Round of no longer than 15 minutes: free program choice.

After the preliminary round , the Jury will decide the number of competitors to be admitted to the final .

b ) Final Round : a 40 minutes program in which compositions performed during the preliminary round cannot be repeated. A composition written from 1900 to contemporary repertoire must be included.


Art 13 Program and categories

Young pianists prize “Livornoclassica” divided into the following categories :

cat. Baby born after 1/01 /2009                     program max 3 minutes

cat. A born in 2007 and 2008                         program max.5 minutes

cat. B born in 2005 and 2006                         program max.7 minutes

cat. C born in 2003 and 2004                         program max.10 minutes

cat. D born in 2000, 2001 and 2002              program max.15 minutes

cat E born in 1997, 1998, 1999                        program max. 18 minutes

cat F born from 1990 to 1996                          program max 25 minutes

N.B.  The repertoire choice is free and performance from memory is not required. All composition must be edited and easier versions of repertoire pieces are not allowed.

Art.14 Contestants may participate in only one category , even higher if they consider their preparation adequate , but not lower. An identification document and a copy of the score for the jury must be provided.

Art.15 The results of each category will be announced at the end of the auditions of the same category .